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August 16, 2011

Brandon Thomas (B-DOE)



Peep the lyrics: “Divine kindler, inside minds the high emperor/ Be fine listeners the designer of time finisher/ Justifies liars who lied and abide sinister/ Without Christ guys you’ll die….in a high temperature.” Fans of hip hop lyricism can easily identify the sheer genius in the quote, the multisyllabic rhyme schemes glued together by rich and eternally meaningful content. Such ability is possessed by none other than B-doe, rap music’s most recent rising star. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, B-doe (government: Brandon Thomas) is already known for his talented rhymes and unassuming demeanor. Discipled as a teenager by hip hop recording artist B. Morr, B-doe has notable appearances on albums “Search Me” and “Closer” by the aforementioned, “The Perseverance Mixtape” by Believin Stephen, and “Elation Foundation” by Evangel.

An artist who started creating his own hip hop music at 12 and switched his subject matter to reflect a more biblical worldview at 16, B-doe has been growing in his faith, serving in his local congregation, and developing as a young man of integrity ever since. Now 21 years old, B-doe’s passion is to preach repentance through the rap medium to all who will listen in his native city and beyond. He says “ … in Baltimore we’re used to murders on the news” and that in the local slang, a common response of resignation to this incessant crime is “that’s how it be though.” Local articulation of the last two quoted words is phonetically “b-doe,” hence how Brandon acquired his stage name. To him, it displays mankind’s lack of sensitivity to sin. What this young artist is voicing, though, is a rallying-cry to increase awareness of sin, reject it, and turn to the Most High. B-doe intends to spend his career in hip hop doing just that.


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B-DOE is a member of  CHRISTCENTRICCHRISTCENTRIC is a collection of ministers, gifted in the art of hip-hop, and called by God to passionately preach, teach, and defend the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. CHRISTCENTRIC is distinct in that they purpose not to entertain but to minister—and this primarily to professing believers within the hip-hop culture.  Coming to help “spur (the saints) on toward love and good deeds” and ground them in sound doctrine—they seek to dynamically impact the lives of believers for the building of God’s Kingdom.  Through “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs”—they powerfully bring the mercies of God in full view—calling saints to greater commitment to Christ and unbelievers into a right relationship with God.

The ultimate aim of CHRISTCENTRIC is simply to bring glory to the mighty name of Jesus Christ.  So that—first in their lives and then the lives of their hearers—at all times and in all things—Jesus Christ “might have the preeminence”.

CHRISTCENTRIC, headquartered in Germantown, MD (a suburb of Washington, D.C.), began in the mind and prayers of Evangel and Q-D.O.G. in 1996.  Growing up in the hip-hop culture and loving to rhyme they both aspired to one day become professional hip-hop artists.  While separately on their quests in the world to make it in the hip-hop industry—each of them on a path of prodigal living—God took hold of their lives, brought them together, and changed their vision.  Seeking to now use their lyrical gifts to build the Kingdom of God—there was only one thing they lacked—a producer.  They began to pray.  God placed on their heart The Apologist who was a close friend and formerly Evangel’s producer in his worldly hip-hop endeavors.  Evangel and Q began to pray fervently for his repentance and faith in Christ.  God powerfully answered their prayers and in 1997 Will got saved!  More than that, he joined with a great fervor and zeal for the LORD, specifically, to do something with his gifts in hip-hop!   Thus, the three began to pray and in 1998 CHRISTCENTRIC was born!  Endeavoring only to build the Kingdom of God for His glory and not “blow-up” for their own—they committed to using their spiritual gifts to proclaim the greatness of God and truths of His word through hip-hop and to patiently allow God to build the ministry.

Their public ministry began in Oct. of ’98 at a youth coffeehouse at Wallace Presbyterian Church in Hyattsville, MD (where Q was then the full-time Youth Leader).  Since then, they have patiently waited for God to open doors for their ministry and He has provided opportunities to minister at various venues throughout the D.C. metropolitan area featuring other hip-hop artists such as the Cross Movement, Jah-Word, and Enyaphace.  They have also ministered at venues with Corey Red and Precise, Shadowless (formerly Raiders of the Lost), and Treasure/Rahab Records, the Gideon Band, and RockSoulLive in Philadelphia, P.A, and Georgia Tech University.  Some other events include: Messianic Mics 2002 in Philadelphia,  Sound The Alarm 2002 in Baltimore, and First Friday Fundamentals in Philadelphia. They have ministered at other various local D.C. venues such as, Gospel Fests, youth services, revivals, and events, as well as, in Virginia and North Carolina.  They have ministered in the Noyes, Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center where God blessed the ministry of His word and many were moved to place their trust in Christ.  Going through many various trials of life—they have carefully moved forward seeking God’s will and direction—releasing the CD project entitled “The Mind of Christ” in May 2002.  Their debut CD did well enough that they were nominated for best new artist of the year by “What’s The Word Magazine.”  Their music has also been featured on “Survival Kit Vol. 1,” and upcoming projects by DJ Official and DJ Essence out of Lampmode Recordings. Although at times they feel the ministry has progressed very slowly, they know that God has used these various trials and the situations to prepare them for the present.

In September 2004, Christcentric released their second project entitled “Reformation.”  While their first release “The Mind of Christ,” was more of an introduction to the ministry of Christcentric, “Reformation” is directed to the church in recognizing its need for returning to essential Christian doctrine.The have also released City of GOD in 2006 and ”Didactic Music” in 2009. The Apologist also released a project along with Voice title “The Crucible” in 2006 & Evangel also released “Expository Journey” in 2008 & “Elation Foundation” in 2010 Due to the Lord’s faithfulness and blessing they were able to launch their ministry’s website:


 You can stay tuned with CHRISTCENTRIC through their WebsiteFacebookTitterYoutube & MySpace 



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